Julio San Román del Barrio received the condition of Doctor Honoris Causa in Chemistry at the University of La Habana

p1500308Julio San Román del Barrio, received the condition of Doctor Honoris Causa in Chemistry at the University of La Habana (UH).

Proposed by the Center for Biomaterials (Biomat) on its 25th anniversary, UH gave the title to the academic, for his contributions to the development of this area, especially in the field of polymeric materials with pharmacological applications in surgery or engineering tissue, and scientific and academic contribution in the country.

The ceremony was attended by Miguel Jorge Llivina Lavigne, representative of the Regional Office of Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Mayda Goite Pierre, rector of the University of Havana.

p1500245Dr. San Roman de Barrio, a professor and researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology of Polymers of the Higher Council for Scientific Research in Madrid, has contributed to the training of various generations of scientists in different regions, especially Latin America and the Caribbean. He has participated in 63 research projects, making 642 presentations, conferences and workshops, as well as the authorship of large publications said Yaymarilis Veranes Pantoja, director of BIOMAT.

At the ceremony, the Cuban Chemistry Society (SCQ) granted the status of Honorary Member Dr. San Roman. He also was inaugurated the Scientific Meeting of the Biomat and the Faculty of Chemistry gave recognition to that entity by its prominent teaching and research work in the creation of science and technology in the field of medical materials knowledge.

The expert who collaborates since 1989 with the UH and for the past 15 years has participated in 63 research projects and written nearly 450 scientific publications, referred welcomed the title bestowed and affirmed that “Cuba is a people, a nation, a endearing, unlike anything I have ever seen “colleagues.

p1500342Thrilled said, “I would like to highlight an innate characteristic of all Cuban comrades without exemption with whom I have had contact and collaboration. Academic and research activity is characterized by two parameters indisputable creativity is a constant challenge to innovation generating knowledge and developing new solutions to concrete problems of society and not least communication. Science that is not communicated does not contribute to social development both qualities are the property of the excellent Cuban professionals with whom I have maintained close and intense collaboration over time, “said the professor.

The Spanish teacher, who has made more than 600 presentations at conferences and other events, he gave a lecture on the challenges and alternatives of the new contributions of polymeric systems derived from Chitosan to regenerative medicine.

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